Random Connections

This page was suggested by Friend Julia as a means of sharing our encounters with people in our daily 'busyness' which result in a sense of connection with them, often fleetingly, but very real. These random encounters can light up the whole day.

Please send your stories to ask@quakers-in-newcastle.org.uk and they will be included if appropriate.

Here are a few of mine to get things started.

An elderly Chinese man was sitting cross-legged on a bench in the town centre, playing a stringed instrument. I stood and listened for a while and then put some coins in his tin. The man put down his instrument, got off the bench and bowed to me with his hands together. I followed suit and we stood in the middle of the crowded street beaming at one another.

Another street musician, this time a young man wearing dreadlocks, was singing Bob Marley songs in the Central Arcade. My nephew used to sing his songs to me when he was a boy, so I sang along with this young man and made him laugh. He offered to share his takings with me and I went on my way singing and feeling very cheerful.

A rather extraordinary looking woman was walking towards me and I couldn't help but notice her. She glared at me and angrily demanded to know what I was looking at. Caught wrong-footed, I blurted out "a fellow human being!" and her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline with a loud hearty laugh.

I once sat on a wall in the rain with three Evangelists who were praying for my brother at my request whilst I held him in the Light. I felt very warm in the freezing rain.

Jean Chettle